Smooshes! Miss Me?

October 22, 2010


I know I suck!
I know I’ve been gone a LONG time but blame this bitch:

I got completely sucked into watching Jersey Shore so now after my kids have gone to bed I watch this really screwed up but ironically lovable chic instead of blogging.
What I’m cool right?
But then my husband reminded me that I am now 31 and I needed to get a life and if I have to go onto Wikipedia to look up slang I hear on MTV I’ve probably outgrown MTV. And furthermore no adult woman should ever ask her husband if he wants to smoosh.

2 Responses to “Smooshes! Miss Me?”

  1. Joy Says:

    maybe you guys can get a Smoosh room ;)

    I will admit we (hubby and I) are both addicted to this show

  2. Kelly Says:

    I have the urge to Google “smoosh” but if it came from Jersey Shore, I probably don’t want to know. Hope to see more of you (and not in the Snooki way)!