How to Keep Your Baby Awake in the Car

July 31, 2010


We were out on a shopping jaunt, me, The Toddler, and The Baby and it was nearing nap time. I new I was pushing it but we were leaving for vacation in a few hours and let’s face it, grocieries don’t buy themselves.
I need The Baby to nap.
We were driving back from Target when I saw her eyes begin to close.
Shit, shit, shit.
She needs to nap at home or I’m done for. Pakcing up a family of 4 with 10 month old pulling at the apron strings is far from productive.

1. Yell to baby – “Baby. Baaaabbbbbbyyyyyy. BABY.”
2. Convince siblings to yell to baby – “Baby. Baaaabbbbbbyyyyyy. BABY. Mommy, her eyes are closing again.”
3. Throw random items baby isn’t allowed to chew on to baby – Cell phone, a tube of mascara, pens from purse.
4. Have siblings feed baby Cheerios – Motherhood at my house wouldn’t excist without these bad boys
5. Have siblings throw random items at baby for baby to chew on – Her socks, her sandal that she kicked off, her sippy cup
6. Play “Which window is going to roll down next” – Thank God for automatic windows
7. Tap, tap, tap the breaks at every stop sign – If you do it gently enough it doesn’t constitute as a contributing factor to Shaken Baby Syndrome.
8. Turning the radio up and down – Unfortunately with the volume of whining that comes the Toddler, The Baby has learned to tune out noise.
9. Turn your self in to an octopus and try to tickle baby in her car seat behind you – The appropriate Octomom version.
10. Swerve the car and say “Whoa” – It will send all children in to a fit of giggles that no one can resist.

Attempted yes, recommend no.

So what do you do to keep your little ones peepers open until you get home?



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13 Responses to “How to Keep Your Baby Awake in the Car”

  1. Jen Says:

    I can so relate to this post because I do this all the time still. My boys ALWAYS fall asleep in the car and it totally ruins nap time. I have pelted my kids in the bed with cups before and the sport a bruise but they are stick awake.

  2. Laura Says:

    Nothing works. It sucks. Those eyes get so heavy… I’ve ruined many a nap that way. My attempts include singing, throwing food at her and, now that she’s almost 3, bribes. “If you stay awake until we get home I’ll give you cookies!!”

  3. Jade Says:

    LOL! I say, “WOW! OMGOSH LOOK! LOOK! DID YOU SEE THAT?!!” and keep screaming random thoughts about crazy things that could never really happen outside out car window!

  4. Stephanie Wright Says:

    Oh man….. I’ve NEVER had this problem with the 4-year-old because he never sleeps in the car. EVER. Even on road trips that last all day, the kid refuses to sleep. He can only take a nap in his own bed and sometimes he can’t even do that. Oh what I would give for a sleeping toddler in the car now and then……..ARRRGGHHH….

  5. Natalie Says:

    I also make Tater harrass his sisters when they try to fall asleep. It only sometimes works. When they want to sleep, they sleep.

    So….did you make it home with baby awake still?

  6. Carolyn Says:

    If at all possible, I stop the car and get said child out of his car seat, even if for only a moment. Stopping the car inevitably wakes my children and puts an end to any napping for the time being.

  7. MaryAnne Says:

    Ok, so I just found your blog today and I absolutely LOVE it!

    And this is such a problem for my 2 year old. If he naps for 5 seconds in the car, nap time is done for. Those 5 seconds are like a 30 minute power nap to him!

    I pretty much do what you do. If I am truly desperate I will tempt him with the remnants of my soda! LOL!

  8. Dayngr Says:

    You are friggin hilarious!

  9. Kelly Says:

    You don’t get the full award until you start carrying a water bottle to spritz your baby into wakefulness. And no, *I’ve* never done such a thing. How could you even suggest it?!

  10. Lizgizzy Says:

    Mine is an only child, I wish I’d had sibs to enlist in keeping my guy awake, but those eyelids were so heavy they might as well have had lead dumbells hanging off of them. Giggling, tickling, opening the window, turning the music up..or down, gently poking, none of it worked. I was one tired mama for a looong time.

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Awesome! I think I have done all of these and more trying to keep my kiddos awake in the car. I have now become the lollipop queen….stay awake I’ll give you another :-)

  12. refried dreamer Says:

    Man. I used to play “livin la vida loca” for my little girl and reach back with one hand and make her feet dance so that she COULDN”T go to sleep. She’s 12 and still loathes that song. With the second turd,I used Demon Child to annoy Monster Child until we got home. Parenting is a breeze.

  13. Grace Says:

    Oh wow. I remember those days. I never found anything that worked.