Baby On Back, Camera On Front

Another week at MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop.  I had so many other intentions for this week’s assignment but somehow, hidden within the mess and mayhem of my life, this promt found me.

3.) “Sometimes when it’s hard to see with the eyes I’ve been given, I strap on my camera and pray for new ones. I did that yesterday. It helped.”
(inspired by Emily from Chatting At The Sky)

Get up early. Wake baby up early. Hope she will nap early.

Pray toddler will sleep in. Shush screaming baby. Kiss groggy toddler good morning.

Say good bye to Daddy.

Feed baby. Attempt to feed toddler. Make coffee.

Dress baby. Dress toddler. Dress self.

Attempt to feed toddler.  Beg toddler.  Bribe toddler.

Try to put baby down for nap early. Try. Try again.

Dishes. Laundry. Feed starving toddler.

Wake up sad tired baby early.  Change baby.  Feed baby.

Diaper bags, stroller, bottle: check. 

Off to the zoo.

Spring Break Week.  People everywhere.  Crowded doesn’t cover it.

Monkeys, tigers, bears.  Oh, my!

Weave, dodge, loose toddler for 30 terrifying seconds.

Bison, prairie dogs, camels.

Sore feet. Sore back. Sore neck.

Caribou, moose, tiger again.

Tired baby.  Tired toddler.  Tired Mommy.

Bottle.  Chicken nuggets.  Beef and broccoli.

Baby in stroller.  Toddler in Baby Bjorn. Hike to the car in the last spot of the last row.


Toddler asleep.  Baby wide awake.  No break for Mommy.

Toddler wide awake.  Baby asleep.  No break for Mommy.

Upset tummy.  Rush to that bathroom.  Too late.

Scrub toilet.  Baby wipe bath. Laundry.  No more orange juice for the toddler.

Rest on the couch, ten seconds of cuddles, retrieve crying baby.

Feed baby.  Read stories.  Mommy, watch what I can do.

Walk to the neighbors.  A push on the swing.  Hike home through the weeds.

Welcome home, Dear. 

Hugs all around.  How was your day? Happy Nap crabby baby.

Left over pizza.  5 bites of beans.  1 more sip of milk.  Ok, go play.

Daddy out of the house.  Toddler out of the house.  A brief moment of silence.

Pour a glass of wine, re-cork the bottle, guess who’s awake?

Close the refrigerator. Give up on writing brilliant post.  Head outside.

Sippy cup of wine in hand, baby on back, camera on front.

Such is life.

New Eyes

Mama's Losin' It

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17 Responses to “Baby On Back, Camera On Front”

  1. Stacia Says:

    Such is life indeed. At least you got some beef and broccoli out of it! The orange juice, though … Ick.

  2. Tortuga Says:

    Oh how I remember those days. I miss them sometimes, but every age brings new and interesting challenges. I’d like to say it gets easier, but I haven’t found that it does yet. At least there’s no longer diapers involved!

  3. Lucy Says:

    I feel your pain. Today was a rough one for me as well, involving copious amounts of poop…

    At least you got to the zoo. Impressive.

  4. Irena Says:

    This was so FUNNY! It feels like somebody else described my typical day:)

  5. Lindsay @ Kids Are Teachers Says:

    I really hope you meant to say “Toddler in stroller. Baby in Baby Bjorn” Otherwise, I completely understand the sore back!

  6. Blogging Mama Andrea Says:

    Ahh, that was sweet. I really like it. Cute baby never hurts either!

  7. Lindsey Petersen Says:

    Funny post! Cute baby!

  8. Loukia Says:

    I’m tired after reading that… I have two boys, so I know what your day is like, trust me! Cute baby!

  9. Shauna Says:

    That was grand- great perspective!

  10. Kelly Says:

    Man. What a day. Your new eyes had to have helped.

  11. MandyP Says:

    Loved this! Felt like I was reading my own day (only add 2 more toddlers to the mix.)

  12. Lindsay Says:

    LOL – I think you just described my life, only plus one child and minus one zoo trip…it all evens out….mine have decided to not nap at the same time anymore, either – I think they plot against us!

  13. LIzgizzy Says:

    I know it was a tough day, but this was lovely to read.

  14. Cheryl the OCM Says:

    Whether you want to believe it or not this was absolutely a BRILLIANT post. Any person with a child could identify with this from top to bottom. I got here from Pinknotes Blogroll over on WordPress. Glad she pointed me here, looking forward to reading more.

  15. Mama Kat Says:

    I’m exhausted just reading that. Someone pass me a drink please!


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