Evil Baby Sister

March 17, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Early this week I posted my Super Secret Potty Training Tip.  First off I wanted to thank all of those who laughed along with me and shared their potty training struggles.  Second, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows my two year is in no way traumatized by my rock star awesome technique.  She thinks it’s funny! 

My husband and I started reading to her at bedtime when she was 6 months old.  We started with touch and feel books, then short simple board books, and have progressed to full on fairytales.  The pick of the week, Sleeping Beauty.

Today she asked me if she could play with her baby sister in her room, with the door shut, alone. I agreed and went down stairs to listen to them on the baby monitor.

Toddler:  “I’m sleeping, you have to kiss me”

Baby:  giggle, giggle, squeal

Toddler:  “My one true love.”

Baby: squeal, giggle, giggle


Baby:  giggle, squeal, giggle.

Heading upstairs and finding everyone fine, I grabbed my camera and asked my toddler to reenact her story.

Apparently, in my toddler’s imagination, her baby sister is more like this:


Than like this:

Ignore the drool. She was just snacking on a castle.

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31 Responses to “Evil Baby Sister”

  1. Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud Says:

    I love listening in/spying on kids during playtime. They say and do the cutest things! I really like this post. Oh and there’s no way that sweet little baby of yours could ever be the villian. She’s too stinkin’ cute!
    I’ve got my Wordless Wednesday post up and would love for you stop by and take a look. It’s udderly funny. While you’re there, why not link your WW post up on my linky! See you soon. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  2. Elaine Says:

    That. Is awesome. And reminds me a lot of what is going on around here these days. EVERYTHING goes in baby’s mouth and her toddler brother is NOT so keen on that…

    Your baby girl is precious – drool and all! :D

  3. Kelly Says:

    Very cute! I love that Baby Maleficent is towering over the castle like a big hungry drool monster. :)

  4. noelle d Says:

    what a great post!

  5. debi9kids Says:

    LOL! LOVE that photo of the baby at the end. very silly ;)

  6. Cecily R Says:

    Hahahahaha! The whole post is funny, but your last line made me snort a little.

  7. Night Owl Mama Says:

    TOo funny luv the story and the pic’s

  8. Lizgizzy Says:

    Castles must be good eats! She looks very happy

  9. Jen Says:

    LOL! This was just too funny. But I have to agree with your daughter, castles are a good snack. I just enjoyed one the other day. ;)

  10. DogsMom Says:

    I wonder why the big request to have the door closed as they play?

  11. Siromade Says:

    You have a very cute baby, love the toys, wish i can comeback to my childhood.lol

  12. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Says:

    That is just way too funny for words! They’re so precious! :)

  13. LisaDay Says:

    Imagination is great.

    Stopping by from SITS>


  14. Run DMT Says:

    LOL I loved this post! That castle is the color of cotton candy. I might have taken a bite too. ;-)

  15. Molly Says:

    Hilarious! Simply hilarious.

  16. erica Says:

    Love that toddler insisted on playing… ALONE… with the babe.

    You must have been dying with laughter.

  17. Lori Says:

    How cute! I love hearing what kids say when they play together….and think they are alone!

  18. Amy Says:

    the story is hilarious and i love that the baby sister is the wicked witch. too darn cute.

  19. Kate @ The Shopping Mama Says:

    That’s awesome. Great photos and great story. I love listening to my son play when he doesn’t know I can hear him.

  20. Stacey Says:

    That is so funny and so true! Siblings are always truly evil to each other!

  21. Sonora Says:

    I had to come check out your blog. Stacey (from Staceysmotheringmoments.com) called me to tell me about you. I’m glad I stopped by. This is so funny! I love how siblings can be so sweet and have so much fun with eachother one minute and the next minute be screaming and pulling hair (ok, I don’t really love the screaming and pulling hair part).
    It is so fun to listen in on them playing though.

  22. Tortuga Says:

    Mmm, castles are tasty y’know!


  23. Jenny Says:

    I love it!

    Enjoy it now…I got in trouble once for putting Barbie in jail for writing hot checks. Mom didn’t make me play with my sister any more after that. ; )

  24. Tricia Says:

    I love the picture of the baby sitting, innocently, by the castle, and with the little grin on her face. Too cute. How adorable that she wanted to be alone to play with the little one. So key that you had the baby monitor going….and you got to listen to all that fun and giggling. I’m new to your blog, and I must say, you are fantastic and loved by so many. Awesome blog, and stinking cute kiddos to boot!

  25. Michaela Says:

    That is too cute!! I love how she’s just towering over the castle!

    Thanks for stopping by today =)

  26. Krystyn Says:

    I just love overhearing them playing together and seeing my girls interact.

    Smart of you to have it re-enacted.

  27. Stephanie @ Geezees Says:

    Too funny..luv the story!

  28. Rachel Says:

    HA! That is AWESOME — I have a two year old diva . . . and I can see her doing the same thing!